DOOM Eternal – Update 6.2 Release Notes

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This minor update for DOOM Eternal includes future in-game event cosmetic content and a few notable bug fixes.

Brace yourself for an experiment going horribly right with the upcoming UAC Tech Revanant Master Collection, rocketing onto the scene 8/5 with our next in-game Event…

Bug Fixes All Platforms


  • Fixed an issue in which the Undead Droid Revenant or Poison Frog Pain Elemental skin would no longer be equip-able for some users who had unlocked them


  • Fixed an issue in which the crucible was sometimes not usable against the DOOM Hunter, Kahn Maykr, Icon of Sin and Gladiator
  • Reduced frequency of issue in which health and armor drops from fallen demons would sometimes impair the Meat Hook, Destroyer Blade or Microwave Mod from functioning correctly. Note – this issue may still occur for some users but to a lesser extent. We appreciate your patience while we investigate the remaining instances of this bug!
  • Fixed an issue in which the Taras Nabad Master Level Unlock “You Got Stuff” notification on the Main Menu incorrectly displayed as Final Sin
  • Resolved an issue where the player would get a “No Target” message when attempting to chainsaw a tentacle within range after it attacks

Bug Fixes PC Only

  • We made great strides in fixing the majority of BFG-related crashes thanks to community-submitted crash logs

Note: For any PC users still experiencing BFG-related crashes, please find instructions on how to submit crash log dumps here

Bug Fixes PlayStation 5 Only

  • Fixed rare crash caused by bad UI state

Update: Due to the Nintendo Switch Update 6.2 releasing on August 10th, Switch users will have a make-up Double XP Week from Aug. 26 – Sept. 2nd to earn the free rewards featured in the in-game Event: PLASMA POWERED.


Bug Fixes Nintendo Switch Only

  • Fixed an issue in BATTLEMODE that would occasionally cause the Slayer to appear in T-pose while loading into a match
  • Fixed an issue in BATTLEMODE where the Slayer’s grenades would sometimes disappear while in mid-air
  • Resolved the Classic Doom Marine’s head not rendering correctly during some cinematic sequences and podium animations
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