Twitch is laying off Over 400 Employees

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Amazon has announced an additional 9,000 job cuts as part of its ongoing cost-cutting measures, including the termination of over 400 employees at its streaming platform Twitch. The company previously laid off 18,000 workers in January, and today’s announcement marks another wave of job cuts across Amazon and its subsidiaries.

Twitch’s new CEO, Dan Clancy, confirmed the layoffs in an all-staff email, stating that those affected will be notified of their termination “no later than early next week.” The news came as a surprise to employees, as Twitch did not inform them ahead of time.


In a statement, Clancy blamed the layoffs on the “current macroeconomic environment” and slower-than-expected growth in user and revenue figures. He expressed disappointment at having to share the news before communicating directly with those affected but emphasized the importance of transparency.

The gaming industry has seen a significant number of layoffs in recent months, with companies such as Microsoft, Take-Two, Riot Games, Meta, and Hasbro all announcing staff reductions. The current global economic situation has put pressure on businesses to streamline their operations, with many opting to reduce their workforce to cut costs.

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