Fortnite Suffering Server Issues & Players are Unable to Log-in

Fortnite Suffering Server Issues

If you’re on winter break and hoping to play some Fortnite, there are some terrible news for you: Epic Games has confirmed that the battle royale shooter is down — and it’s not to help develop the game’s lore this time.

Attempting to start a Fortnite match right now (2:07 p.m. Eastern) results with the following message:


Fortnite Suffering Server Issues

Epic has not provided a reason for the outage, but has stated that it will give information as soon as a remedy is available. Meanwhile, if you were hoping to earn Victory Royales during the game’s ongoing Winterfest event, you’re out of luck for now. The same goes for blasting enemies as Boba Fett in honour of the character’s new Disney+ series, which premieres today.

Around the same time as the incident began, the Epic Games Store experienced issues, with some gamers reporting that they were unable to log in or even access their games for offline play. The Epic desktop launcher now works, allowing you to play other games on your PC, but it will not even attempt to load Fortnite, citing “offline” servers. We’ll update this post if further information becomes available or if things change.

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