How to Choose Houses in Hogwarts Legacy with Sorting Quiz

Choose wisely!
Houses in Hogwarts Legacy

After completing the prologue in Hogwarts Legacy, as a 5th-year student, you will be guided to the Sorting ceremony for a quiz. The house you wants depends on the quiz. You can easily manipulate the hat if you want to join in any specific house.

Houses in Hogwarts Legacy

There are four houses in Hogwarts Legacy. These are Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Hufflepuff. Slytherins are ambitious and cunning, Ravenclaws are eccentric and intelligent, Gryffindors are brave and daring and Hufflepuffs are hardworking and trustworthy.


The Sorting Quiz will be held in the Great Hall. You will be asked two questions. It doesn’t matter what you choose for the first question. Then you will have to choose one of these four options. Here are the houses related to each answer:

Hogwarts Legacy with Sorting Quiz Answers

  • Gryffindor- Bravery
  • Ravenclaw- Curiosity
  • Ambition- Slytherin
  • Loyalty- Hufflepuff

The house you pick doesn’t have any impact on the gameplay. You’ll have access to your house’s common room, and some cosmetics including your house’s color.

You won’t receive any special spells, animals, or benefits solely for choosing a house. Even the side tasks aren’t house-specific, however, your decision might affect how you get along with other students. Even if a Hufflepuff and a Slytherin may not get along well, they can both perform spells.


Hogwarts Legacy is available on PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series S|X from February 10.

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