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Turn Your Smartphone Into a Classic Gaming Console

It’s easy, this is how I did it.

The classic gaming console of childhood was for sure different for each one of us. I had the luck to try both the Atari 2600 console and a cloned version of the Nintendo, with some Super Nintendo games also adapted on it later. The clone console was Terminator, a localized version of NES that was even more popular than the original in eastern Europe and some countries in Asia.

Gaming Console

Gaming Console
Gaming Console
Gaming Console
Gaming Console

I tried the Atari at a friend’s house. His mother just bought him An Atari 2600, in my early teenage years, and I was so impressed that I started to beg my mom to get me a gaming console. On my birthday, she got me the Terminator. I was thrilled!

Some games that later appeared for the Super Nintendo console (SNES), were made to work on the Terminator, and this was super cool because SNES games were much better.

What Gaming Consoles Meant for Children in the 90’s

Both the Atari and the Terminator were like magic for children back then and not only for children. There was no internet and most people already had a color TV. The Terminator console was quite cheap. It was not more than 60 dollars.

I was living in an apartment block with my parents and many children from the neighborhood had consoles as well, mainly the Terminator. These consoles worked with cartridges, some of them being given with the console, others had to be bought separately. We changed cartridges between us, so we can play new games all the time. It was really fun to borrow a completely new game and give the one you were already bored of in exchange.

There was not much time to use the TV, because the family used to watch it all day. I often had to wake up at 5 a.m. just to play before my parents woke up.

How to Play Console Games Using Your Smartphone

If you are nostalgic and want to live the emotions of consoles times again, you can install apps like Gamebase on your phone. Gamebase allows you to play some of the games from all generations of consoles for free, but in order to have access to all of the games ever made, you can buy the premium version.

The price you pay is small for what you get. Just think about it: it’s like having all the consoles on your phone, and the games from that time were well-made! I would play one of those games anytime instead of playing the ones you can find today for smartphones.

Get a gamepad for the best experience!

For the best experience, you can also get a gamepad like Razer Kishi or iPega gamepad, or Backbone One. I bought the iPega 9023s, which is not expensive and works well. You can find it for around 30 dollars. The experience is amazing and the setup is easy and it works perfectly using the Gambase app, or other apps, including new games. If you have an AMOLED screen for your phone, playing even Super Mario becomes cool. It reminds you of playing on CRT TV.

To give you an example of what you can do, I played “Metal Gear Solid” from Playstation 1, “Tekken 3” from Playstation 2, “Ninja Gaiden” series from SNES, and “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” from Nintendo 64.

Good luck!

Written by Florin Marchis

Originally published on Medium at August 14
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